New Beauty & Makeup Trends of 2020 According To Senior Artists

So here we are at the beginning of the new year 2020. We faced ups and downs last year but overall it was good and enjoyed very well altogether. But let’s focus on the ups and head into the new year of 2020 and begin it with full style, new ideas, happiness, energy and new beauty trends of 2020.

After looking at fashion and beauty trends of last year of some of the big stylists. We’re excited about the fashion trends of this year and to share it all with you I collected some of the upcoming fashion and new beauty trends of 2020.


The base should be strong, fine and clear, here we are talking about the base of our makeup, which will give a fine and clear canvas. The best thing about matte foundation is you don’t need to use too much foundation or heavy formula base and it will also keep your pores in control. Before applying Base just Wet your face with the help of rose water and then apply foundation, it will make your base perfect.

matte foundation


I just love this one because this trend is my hot favorite. Brush out eyebrows will give you a more natural and subtle look. First, you need to brush out your eyebrows in an upward direction. Then use a brow pencil to lightly fill them which will give a little shape to them but not too perfect. Just to get a more natural look, brush them in the same upward direction again. Instagram is in full swing with this trend so post your look too.

brushed eyebrows


Smokey eyes look will never go out of fashion, this is an evergreen trend in makeup history and the most tricky as well. If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time then this is the perfect look for you. You can get the look in a matter of seconds. Apply copper/bronze or black shade with the help of a brush or you can even apply it with your fingers. Secondly, if you have time and you want a cleaner and defined smokey eye look you should start with the transition shade then apply copper/bronze shade and after that use a black shade. You’ll absolutely rock the party!

smokey eyes new beauty trends of 2020


You can turn your boring look into a spicy one just by applying glitter! 2019 came with the cut crease glittery look and it will be more fun to go with this trend in 2020 as well. The easiest way to make the glittery look is to just apply your favorite shade on your crease and boost your look with some glitters. It’s all up to you that you want it with a cut crease or all over your eyelids.

glitter eyeshadow new beauty trends of 2020


You know what? Neon is the sign of freedom, many makeup artists, and celebrities pop up this look in big events. They show us how to give a pop liner look with the help of neon shades. I’m sharing some basic tips so that it will be easy for all of you to create this look. The most important thing about this look is to primer your eyes perfectly and then use a very thin brush to apply neon shade.


For a daily driver look, you don’t need to do too much makeup and you don’t even need any other shade. If you only want a liner look by applying bold liner on your eyelid. A marker shape liner will make it easy for you to draw a bold and long eyeliner. You just need to conceal your eyelids and then correct your brows. Now start drawing a liner look!

bold eyeliner new beauty trends of 2020


My friends love to apply blue and brown mascara but in 2020 there will be more bright shades of mascara available in the stores. The mascara will help you enhance your lashes and in my opinion, colored mascaras are definitely better as compared to dark-colored mascaras. The mascara really enhances the look for the people of colors and the technique for applying colored mascara is to use black colored mascara for the first layer and when it becomes dry, then apply the colored one. Now its time to rock the party with your colored mascara look.

colored mascara new beauty trends of 2020


In 2020 you don’t need a powder blush because this year is for a more natural look so borrow yourself a cream blush. I know this will not be easy to apply but don’t worry, here is the trick. Before applying foundation, use cream blush with the help of beauty blender or you can also blend it with the help of your fingers. Normally cream brushes have little moisturizer so don’t worry about dry patches. It will give you a natural look at any cost.

soft cream blush new beauty trends of 2020


This is seriously really hard to handle, but when a girl puts on these shades of bold lip color she wins the game! For this look, you don’t need too much makeup on, just need touch-ups. Bump into your white or black dress look with some maroon or dark red shades. Try to use this in the morning or in daylight. To make it look more prominent, deep blackberry shade is one of my favorites. Normally I wear this shade with sunglasses and then girls my feelings go so higher. The easiest way to apply bold lipstick is to first set your lips with the help of face powder and then apply lipstick. After that, tap a tissue paper on your lips, again apply a layer of lipstick. Babe, you are ready to go toe to toe against new beauty trends of 2020!


Remember old glossy lips days? Oh, when we were in 2007 girls all around used to apply lip glosses. The good news is 2020 will begin with this trend again. So girls are you ready to collect some cool shades of lip glosses? So here is a little tip, apply gloss directly on your lips then use a similar shade of lipstick. After that, a light tap on your lips. Apply your glosses and rock the party.

glossy lips new beauty trends of 2020

I shared these tips and new beauty trends of 2020 so you guys can prepare for your makeup vanity soon, cream blush is my favorite one, which one is yours? Share your favorite one with me in the comments and most importantly HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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