Event Blogging Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Complete Guide

Event Blogging is something that is not very new but still, there are few who know about it. In this article, we will be covering almost everything about it. Starting from selecting an event, until generating traffic.

I personally know bloggers who are earning between $100 to $10,000 from event blogging. And the best part is they own multiple event blogs.

Income generated from event blogs can be considered as a side income and I won’t prefer anyone to be completely dependent on it.

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging is micro-niche blogging where all the content is related to a specific event, festival, or holiday. Event blogs get a huge amount of traffic on the days of that event only. Bloggers target upcoming events and get their site index and rank on the first page so they can get the maximum traffic from that event.

There are some pros and cons of event blogging that I want to highlight before discussing further.

  • Have to work only 30 to 40 days
  • Good income in a short span of time
  • Easy to rank
  • Good for beginners
  • Can be used every year with a few minor changes
  • Income can’t be generated every month
  • Work prior to at least 2 to 3 months of the event date


1- Niche Selection

There are hundreds of events that get popular searches every year. Some are easy to rank but some of them require real efforts. Working on a Fresh website and writing content related to an event like Christmas can give you tough competition because there are already many event blogs that are writing on topics like Christmas for ages.

So before selecting your event niche do a little bit of research and analyze the competition. If you really believe in your SEO skills then go for it otherwise select a niche that has low competition, so it can rank on google first page easily.

In order to give a clear picture, we have listed down some of the famous events.

Holidays: Independence Day, Christmas, New year, Eid, Diwali, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day.

Sports: NHL, NBA, NFL, World cup, Wrestle Mania, Olympic, Barclays Premier League

New Launches: 5G, Black Friday, Deal of the day


 Another good way of selecting an event can be done with TimeandDate.com


  • Go to the website and on the right side, you will see a calendar section. Click on the Holidays & Events

Time and Date website


  • You will be redirected to a new page and asked to select a country. You can also look for upcoming international holidays & events or you can select it for a specific country. It’s your choice. Keep in mind selecting a less competitive event will help you to rank better.

Select a country


  • After selecting the country, you will be redirected to a new page with a list of all the events dates.

All upcoming events


If you want to see other country’s events, you have the option on the right sidebar of selecting a new country.

Pro tip: Selecting an event of premium countries like the United States, or other top European countries can generate more income than events of countries like Pakistan and India.

Example 1:

Event: Diwali
Country: India
Traffic: 100k
Adsense Income: $100

Example 2:

Event: Thanksgiving
Country: United States
Traffic: 40k
Adsense Income: $1500


2- Keyword Research

Having a paid tool for keyword research can save your time but it doesn’t mean you can’t do keyword research manually. Let suppose we selected the Thanksgiving event for our blog.

Finding Categories for Event

Go to google and type Thanksgiving and then type the alphabet starting from ‘a’ till you find the right keywords for your main categories. Example: ‘thanksgiving’ + ‘a’

By doing that you will have all the popular searches that have been done by someone. Similarly, you repeat the process by trying all the alphabets. Example ‘thanksgiving’ + ‘b’ and so on.

Searching for Keyword for Thanksgiving event



What we are doing here is selecting at least 5 categories for our event. So here are our keywords that we searched from google auto search recommendation.

  1. Thanksgiving activities
  2. Thanksgiving cards
  3. Thanksgiving dishes
  4. Thanksgiving games
  5. Thanksgiving quotes

The categories that you select for a blog play a great role in keyword ranking. It makes your website SEO friendly and helps you rank faster.


So we will use similar steps to find the subcategories of each category.

Type the keyword ‘Thanksgiving activities for adults’ in google there will a list of all the famous searches

Or what I can do is type the alphabets after my main keyword. Example ‘Thanksgiving activities for adults’ + ‘a’ ‘Thanksgiving activities for adults’ + ‘b’


list of all the famous searches of Thanksgiving



So here is an example of one category and its subcategories.

Thanksgiving activities (Category)

  • Thanksgiving activities for adults (Subcategory)
  • Thanksgiving activities for families (Subcategory)
  • Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers (Subcategory)

Pro tip: The exact search volume of event keywords can’t be identified accurately. Sometimes a keyword with a search volume 10 can bring thousands of visitors to your website.


3- Domain and Hosting

When selecting a domain name we normally have 2 options either we can buy a fresh domain or an expired domain. It’s totally up to you you can look for the pros and cons of both on the internet.

Don’t buy domain names that have a year/month/numbers in it. Example: thankgiving2020.com

Exact match domain names are not available most of the time so look for a partial match. For Example thanksgivingevent.com

How to find an expired domain?

You can search expired domain from Expired Domains.

When you find the right domain you can buy it from Godaddy or Namecheap

Shared Hosting or VPN?

In the beginning, of your blog, you can set up your website on Shared Hosting. But When your event is almost near let’s say you have 10 days left, then we advise you to migrate your website to VPS (Virtual Private Server) because if your website is ranked you can have 200 to 300 users at a time. A website on shared hosting can face downtime and won’t be able to handle that much traffic at once.

For VPN Linode is a company that we recommend.

Live Visitors on a blog


4- Website Setup for Event Blog

The best platform for Blogging website is WordPress. Its SEO friendly, fast, and secure than other platforms. For beginners, it can tough to set up.

If you don’t know how to set up a WordPress blog then there are tons of videos on the internet already. Just google it ‘How to set up a WordPress blog’.

If you still find it difficult to set up your blog then we advise you to get help from Fiverr.

And one more thing either use a 100% free theme or a paid one, don’t go for nulled themes.

The following are the plugins that we use for our Blog.

  • Interlink manager (Linking your post)
  • Site Kit (For Analytics)
  • All in one SEO (A good SEO Plugin)
  • Social Share Button (Have option for sharing your content on all platforms)
  • Smush (Compress Image Sizes)
  • Wp Fast (Load website fast)

5- Content & Social Share

Content will be the most important part of your blog. Write quality content related to your keyword. Do research on the content of your competitors first and then write your articles accordingly.

Write at least 50 articles for your Event Blog with respect to the categories. The length of the articles should be at least 400 words or above.

Visitors will spend more time on your blog if the content is interesting, well researched, and informative.

Sharing your articles on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon can always give you an edge.


6- On-Page SEO

  • Main keyword on Title
  • Main keyword in URL/Slug
  • Main Keyword in Meta Description
  • Use pictures in your article
  • Give a good Alt text for Images
  • Image Size should be less than 100 Kb and compress it with Smush plugin
  • Interlinking and Outbound links are must


7- Off-Page SEO

  • Forum Backlinks
  • Blog Comments
  • Guest Post
  • Videos Backlinks
  • Image Backlinks
  • PBN

Note: Create quality backlinks. Forum and Blog comments are not good for long term


8- Monetization

Well, there are many ways to earn money when you are getting loads of traffic. Google Adsense is by far works best for us on the Event blogs.

More than one monetization sources can be used on the same website.

  • Google Adsense (Recommended)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Infolinks
  • Selling your own products (Teespring T-shirts)

Note: You can sell thanksgiving t-shirt on your event blog by collaborating with Teespring which will do all the work like printing delivering the order and all. You just have to generate the orders for them.



  • The event for the niche should not be high in the competition.
  • Do proper keyword research, sometimes low volume keywords can generate thousands of traffic.
  • Go for a partial match domain, purchase shared hosting first, and when the event is near then migrate to VPN.
  • Setup your website on WordPress and Install all the necessary plugins.
  • Content is the king and social shares can give you an edge.
  • Don’t neglect On page and off Page SEO
  • Google Adsense is the best for monetization.







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