The 10 Best Netflix Series 2020 To Watch Now

I have watched over 50 Netflix shows and here are some of the best Netflix series 2020 which are outstanding and are binge-worthy to watch and pass your time this season.

1: YOU

If you are a person who likes love stories as well as crime and psychological thriller than this one is a must-watch for you. There is a big twist in the series. The story is of a brilliant man who manages a bookstore and one day falls in love with an aspiring female writer. He tries to keep her close to himself and is obsessively in love with her to the point that he will do anything and remove anyone who comes between them just to attain her heart.


Anyone who has Netflix than this horror and science fiction drama set in the 1980s is a must-watch, you can’t imagine my love for this series. At the start, I thought this was a horror series but I was wrong, the story has too much to offer. It is about a young group of friends in their teens who find out some strange things other than this world in their hometown when their closest friend goes missing. The group is very curious to find out what is going on in their neighborhood. They reveal an amazing mystery about a dark world.


I think this is the only series that is filled with excitement from start till the end. The series starts off with the protagonist being sentenced to spending time in prison. The show revolves around the stories of the inmates and how they become friends and passes their lives in jail and with time gets used to it. They face day to day issues but they handle it with so much fun and humor. This is for people who like comedy, drama and if you just want to chill.


Money Heist also is known as La Casa De Papel is the best Netflix series 2020 of the year. The story is about the biggest bank heist in Spain and it has so much action, drama, and suspense that you won’t be able to stop watching it. The main character named “The Professor” is a genius and plans the entire heist very cleverly. He partners and appoints people with a unique set of skills to make a perfect robbery but there is always a catch and something bad happens, so go and watch it.


Based on the book and the successful game series, The Witcher is a fantasy action-adventure drama that follows the story of a mutated monster hunter named Geralt of Rivia played by Henry Cavill.


Do you remember the Sabrina cartoon when we were young? I used loved this cartoon when I was little. I found this Netflix series and this is a horror and science fiction story of a girl who is half-witch and half-human. Basically, she is the daughter of the devil himself but born with a human heart. Being half-human she wants all the good in the world but her father, the devil wants to destroy all life and she tries to fight against him.


If you are a comics, sci-fi or marvel fan than this is totally for you as this is the best marvel tv series yet. Its a story of a girl who has some amazing superpowers but she wants to live a normal life. She starts her own detective agency and solves special cases involving superpowers and special abilities.


This is a suspense and drama series about a suicide story of Hannah Baker. Before attempting suicide she records all of her stories about why she decided to commit suicide and sends this tape to her crush in school. Now he has to find out everything and wants to do something for her.


Messiah on Netflix is a political view of a doomsday scenario if Jesus really returns. At the start, I thought he was a magician as the CIA tries to expose him but in the end, everything is turned into a strange mystery and leaves you thinking and want more.

10: THE 100

I’m a person who loves science fiction and this one is one of my favorites. It’s a science fiction drama set in a doomsday scenario about life after a nuclear disaster. The survivors are living on a spaceship for 97 years and now headed back to earth but due to multiple circumstances that they never even imagined occurs and they have to face all of these problems in their path to survival.


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