12 Backlinking Practices that Every Website should avoid

We always have heard that backlinks play a great role in site ranking. But do you know wrong backlinks can de-rank your website? Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm in order to make the search engine better. Backlinking techniques that used to work earlier has now been obsolete and are disliked by Google.

Whenever Google comes with a new update, thousands of websites position on the search engine get change. I have seen websites that used to rank on the first page are no more visible on search engines. There can be several reasons for that and bad backlink practice is one of them.

A few years back ranking a website with backlinks was easier. You just have to do random blog commenting, guest post, and bam your website is on the 1st page of Google.

Now things have changed a lot, those practices that used to work earlier are count as spamming and Google will penalize your website if you keep doing it again and again.

We are going to discuss some of the backlinking practices that might give you Google Penalty.


1- Widget Backlinks

Adding backlinks to your sidebar, footer, and other widget areas will be considered spammy. Let suppose your website has 1000 pages and the same widget is used on every page. So in short you will have a link juice of 1000 pages of the same backlinks and Google will consider it Spammy and give your website a penalty.

2- Link Exchanges

For those who don’t about Link Exchange, it is a common practice of getting a backlink in exchange for another backlink. So both parties get the benefits. But now it is also considered in bad backlinking practice. You might get ranked from Link exchanges but there are high chances your website gets a penalty from Google.

3- Hidden links in CSS and Javascript

Hidden links are also not liked by the search engine. Suppose you have a white color background and you made a  backlink in white color as well so it won’t get any visibility. It is also considered a bad backlinking practice.

4- Site-wide and footer backlinks

There were many sites that used to get ranked easily just by putting their link in the footer. But now this has also been obsolete. Many WordPress themes used the same technique by giving their link in the footer. But now it is no more beneficial and considers a bad backlinking practice.

5- Low distribution of anchor text

Let me explain to you what I mean when I say Low distribution of anchor text. For Example, I want my website to rank on keyword ‘SEO Tips’ and I used the same keyword in all my anchor text. This technique also does not work anymore.

6- Backlinks from foreign language websites

If your website is in English and you are getting backlinks from Chinese or French websites this is also a low-quality backlink.

7- Low-quality guest posting

The guest post of high authority sites is still a good way to get a backlink. But doing a guest post with the same Id, bio in different blogs can be count as a spamming or low-quality backlink.

8- Backlinks that are automatically generated

If anyone is using a bot to auto-generate backlink it will also not rank their site and will consider as a low-quality backlink.

9- Low-quality web directories

Adding backlinks to different web directories and neglecting the quality will do no good to your website and may get penalized by Google.

10- Irrelevant backlinks

Suppose your website is about Health and you are getting backlinks to sports website then this is also bad backlinking practice

11- Backlinks from websites with duplicate/spun content

Avoid getting backlinks from a website that doesn’t have original content. There are many websites online that used Spin content. Getting backlinks from such sites can harm your ranking.

12- Backlink from Fresh website

A new website with no domain and page authority is also considered as a low-quality backlink.


So these are the practices that should be avoided. If you think your website has bad backlinks that first thing you should do is to identify them and remove them as soon as possible.

Last but not the least, writing quality content with some good quality backlinks can be the reason for the visibility of your website on the first page of google search engine.



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