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Howdy, Partner!

Welcome to Iqbal Post – A platform to learn and grow as a blogger or digital marketer.

My name is Shahzeb Iqbal. I am a digital marketer and the owner of the Iqbal Post. I started this blog in 2017 from the inspiration of a famous blog called ‘Making Sense of Cents‘.

A few years back I used to believe that online earning is just a scam. And a person like me can never earn online. Later I found some good mentors online who were making a good amount of money just by doing work from their laptop.

Blogging needs patience even if you write amazing content, follow all SEO guidelines, but still, a fresh blog will take time to rank.  

I personally know many who start their blog with so much motivation but after a few months, they stop writing because they don’t see any see the result in the form of organic traffic.

In Iqbal Post, I will be discussing all the mistakes I did in my past blogging experience, so my readers won’t make the same mistake.