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Trypophobia (Fear Of Holes) – How to get rid of it


Trypophobia- another addition to a group of Phobias. See more at – PHOBIA AND ITS TYPES. In this condition, people are suffering from a type of fear of a “cluster of small holes”. Although, a research which was started in 2003 says that this phobia is actually a feeling of disgust not as afraid. Also in Psychological Science, they admitted that Trypophobia (Fear of holes) presents in almost 16-18 percent of the people nowadays. After the years of study, in 2017 Scientists has proof that this type of Phobia is actually in human’s DNA.

They also claim that this is in human’s nature too. Our brain is one of the main things by which we can suffer many other problems regarding FEAR. When the brain alerts a person by keep saying that “this kind of thing can give you a disease or wounds”, and automatically in the result a kind of fear develops into the person.

Trypophobia Victim’s Experiences:

Trypophobia (Fear of Holes) is a type of feeling in which people can react like in a disgusting way. This is actually not a fear but a human’s nature. People who are suffering from this type of Phobia can actually experience about the uncomfortableness of seeing any type of small holes or images altogether. This experience may lead to the all over in fear later. However, some Scientists may also say that this type of Phobia can possibly result in a human to avoid danger and defend themselves, for example:

  • People trying to create a distance while seeing a snake or spider coming in their way. This is happening because our body and brain alert us from the risk of getting bitten. Same like this the brain of Trypophobia people will stop them from touching or seeing the cluster of small holes. They think these holes can make them sick or irritated.


Trypophobia people basically connect the small holes with diseases. They might be thinking like ” if they getting close to those cluster of small holes they are going to be infected by it”. Its all in our brain, Phobia is typically a kind of feeling of assuming something. People with Phobias have a strong connection with the brain, they accept the negative things also which their brain tells them to. However, these are the basic symptoms of having Trypophobia through which we can recognize it at a very early stage, including:

  • People with fear of holes may experience a type of disgust or discomfort
  • They may also be having goosebumps while seeing such type of small holes together
  • Skin itching can also be a reaction to Trypophobia sufferers
  • People also may experience cold sweating
  • Nausea is also leading to high in Phobias victims
  • People may also be getting some panic attacks too
  • Feeling awful or sometimes feeling like vomit when close to those cluster of small holes.


In 2013, a study has explored some images which indicate that people assumed things more instead of having fear in Typophobia condition. Like they stay away from a Honeycomb because they might be thinking of bees will attack them. These people basically connect the cluster of holes with the dangerous animal or diseases.

In 2017, when the research has completed the conclusion was like ” those people who are suffering from Trypophobia are deeply in depression”. Scientists also say that it is a type of response to warning a person to the presence of bacteriae or other infectual diseases. A Chinese study also shows that this type of phobia is normally present in a majority of children.

However, Trypophobia people have a subconscious fear of poisonous animal related to small holes. Scientists also claim that this phobia is not related to the mental health condition, this is actually a condition of disgust and assuming. This is also a common type of phobia which was first discovered in 2003 and now around 90 percent of people especially children are a victim of Trypophobia.



In this therapy, Doctors may also be trying to convert the person’s empty thoughts into positive ones. They also focus to control the person’s actual thought. This therapy will help the person to examine the differences between reality and imagination. There is also another way of dealing with those Trypophobia people include:

  • Counseling and Hypnosis, this may also improve the thinking ability and get the patient out of the trauma or any type of phobias.


A very useful therapy which is declared in 2017 to be very effective for Trypophobia’s people. This therapy can be used in any other Phobias to revealing the main reason of fears and trying to reduce the overall facts of phobia.


Doctors may also prescribe some medicines by which people can feel relax and can easily be overcome by phobias:

  • Antidepressants – this is used to lower the depression.
  • Tranquilizers – this can be used to calm the effects of anxiety.
  • Beta-blockers – this is used to control the blood-pressure and maintain the overall heart ratio.


Home-treatment is also suggested by many Doctors nowadays. People with phobias have to first encourage themselves to face those fears, this will help them to overcome the situation of fears. Home-treatment therapies which may surely help the Trypophobia person include:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Good sleep
  • Cut a large amount of caffeine on a daily basis
  • Talk with someone you may close to, will help the relief to your brain
  • Think always positive no matter what is the situation about
  • Make a group of Phobias people to exposing the fear and treat it with them
  • Give a relaxation moment to yourself, it can be anything like a warm bath or reading a book.

However, there are various types of treatments are available for phobias now. Some people may also get treated by self-therapies which may develop an overall confidence in the person. To overcome your phobias you may have to first face the actual fear you feel while thinking of something. Medical therapies are the second option. People with phobias have different ways to explain the fear, sometimes people do not even know that they have a PHOBIA.

Everyone including you ( who are reading this article right now ) can also have a phobia by which you can feel discomfort or unsatisfied? Then do comment and share your phobias here this might be helping someones too to share their fear and find some solutions to get rid of it.

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