How I sold more than 1000 of products each month Online

How I sold more than 1000 of products each month Online

In my previous post, I wrote about how I failed in the first attempt of my E-commerce Business. So in this post, I will share my second attempt which was a totally new start from scratch. After failing in the first attempt I never took E-commerce Business seriously until one of my friend who started an E-commerce business came to visit me in my office. He showed me how he started his E-commerce Business in 2017 and within a year he was selling thousands of products online.

In short, he was earning thousands of dollars by working couple of hours a day. And the process of his business was working in a proper cycle which saved lots of his time.

I got motivated by his story and started working on the E-commerce Store on the very next day. So in this article, I will try my best to tell you each and everything about my E-commerce Journey. This article is going to be a little long but I am pretty sure it will help you guys a lot.

Grab a drink and enjoy the article.  🙂

I bought a new domain from Godaddy and uploaded a free theme with a simple user interface. It took me a couple of hours to set up my website on WordPress. Google it if you don’t know how to set up a website on WordPress. Its very easy and you don’t have to code a single word. You can use other platforms like Magento, Shopify etc.

Similarly, I made a Facebook page for my website. I added my contact details, address and some other information on the page so it looks more real.  It took me less than an hour to make a page and update it.

Meanwhile, I researched different products like Watches, T-shirt, Jeans etc. And found that Printed T-shirts have great potential in the Online market.

But the most important part about selling t-shirts online is the Desing that matters the most. If you are showing right design to the right audience than there is a high chance of purchase.

So after I made a Facebook page for marketing. I uploaded some products on my website and Facebook page both. Although I could have started boosting my products on the same day. But I prefer to wait for the next day and go easy.

The first boosting I did was for Page Likes so that before purchase decision people will have more trust. Honestly, Facebook likes do not matter that much. But initially, it looks a bit less trustworthy if you are buying something from a page that has very few likes.

Page Likes boosting

I spent around $5 dollars on Page Likes and the result was great. I don’t know exactly how many likes I got but It was more than 200. So everything was going great. Now the most important part was to generate order. Although I was very clear that I will start working on Printed T-shirts. But I was not sure about Design Niche. There were so many options like I could have target Professions, Hobbies, Sports etc.

But I chose Birthday Design Niche which was something like this:

I boosted that T-shirt on Facebook for $4 dollar and on the same day, I got two orders. Which was awesome!

Next day I got more orders. So, in short, I was getting orders every day without doing much.

I just targeted age bracket of 18 to 34, who are born in May and have Interest in online Shopping. And uncheck the Expand interest checkbox in the last and that’s it.
Facebook Marketing Strategy

Meanwhile, I launched other months like June, July, August etc. And you know what I was getting more than 40 orders a day. I was earning more than 4 times than my previous IT job. It was incredible.

I just targeted only Birthday niche and the result was huge. So I thought why not try other niches like profession and hobbies. I will also share the case study of those niches in another article.

I hope you find the article helpful. If you have any question you can comment down below. I will try my best to help you guys.

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