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High Blood Pressure: Remedies and Acupressure Points

Blood pressure: The way your heart uses to pump blood into your body this procedure is called as “blood pressure”. On the other side when your heart beats and tries to push the blood in your body through arteries, this kind of push creates a pressure in your circulating system and that is your systolic blood pressure. Blood Pressure is the most common disease in the world nowadays. But the good news is that there are some home remedies and Acupressure Points that can help to control high blood pressure immediately.

Blood pressure can be caused by eating oily/fatty food. They create a type of grease in your veins and produces a blockage in your system which doesn’t help blood to flow in your body.

It’s a bit difficult to recognize early symptoms of High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure can easily affect you in many ways. It is not always the case that a high blood pressure patient will feel tiredness or by a sign of blood running through the nose. Ignoring yourself by waiting for the symptoms of high blood pressure is a big risk. If you are looking for the symptoms of High Blood pressure, you won’t be able to find them because most of the times there are none.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure on time can help your heart and lungs not to get affected.

In High blood pressure! You have to make some precautions in your diet. Try to avoid drinking too much tea, coffee, and energy drinks. Because they contain a high amount of Caffeine which can increase your blood pressure. Some researchers also believe that caffeine could block a hormone that helps keep your arteries widened.

Although packaged foods are also not good for blood pressure patient. They have Sodium which is also the main cause of blood pressure. Try to use a pinch amount of salt in your diet because too much salt can give you a higher risk of heart attack.

How to Control Blood Pressure Immediately

Here are 6 Home remedies for high blood pressure:

Apples can play a vital role to balance your blood pressure. It contains a high amount of fiber which is good for your immune system.

Cucumber is also a great source of having fiber, potassium, and magnesium. It will help to reduce high blood pressure and calms down your nervous system.

Ginger the most common ingredient which is always available in the kitchen and it is a great alternate of salt. It can also give your food a nice flavor. Try to use ginger as your salt alternate it will help to maintain your blood pressure.

However! If there is a blood pressure in your genes then it might be possible for you to have this disease at your adult age. There are many possible and effective ways to treat your high blood pressure immediately at home. Like eating 2-3 cloves of garlic throughout the day will really help in reducing blood pressure quickly.

Garlic tea is one of the effective drink to treat your blood pressure naturally. By taking 3 cloves of crushed garlic, bring to boil it in a full glass of water then add some lemon juice or honey to taste, drink this tea at least once a day.

Lemon Water is the basic home remedy to treat your high blood pressure by squeezing a whole lemon in a warm glass of water and drink it immediately. Lemon contains Vitamin C which helps to soften the blood vessels.

Honey is also a great source to reduce high blood pressure just mixing a spoonful of honey with ginger juice and powdered cumin seeds, this will immediately lower blood pressure.

Always try to consult with your doctor as fast as possible but if your blood pressure suddenly shoots to high then immediately soak your feet in a warm tub of water. Yes! It’s a physiological reaction which helps to reduce blood pressure quickly. You just need a plain hot tap water, there is nothing to mix with it. Try using these home remedies for high blood pressure, and let us know by giving your feedback.

Acupressure Points for High Blood Pressure

There are some acupressure points too which can help to reduce blood pressure naturally.

  • Acupressure point LI4 which stands for Large intestine 4, will help to treat many diseases along with blood pressure. This point is situated between the forefinger and thumb. Give pressure right in the middle for at least 20-30 seconds and it will slowly balance the blood flow throughout your body.

Acupressure point LI4Acupressure point LI4

Image: knoji                                             Image: omjournal

  • Pericardium 6 this point is located on the inner forearm almost three finger widths away from your wrist. Apply the pressure for at least 20-30 seconds, it will soothe the flow of your blood.

Pericardium 6

Image: Resperate

  • G20 pressure point is basically situated below the base of your skull. Press both sides of the neck which are in the hollows vertically and stay up to 20-30 seconds. Giving the pressure here can reduce stress, headaches as well as blood pressure and provide a relaxing to your nervous system.



Image: Acupuncture & Acupressure

However! There are lots of other acupressure points on your legs, arms,  and feet. They can be an easy way to reduce your high blood pressure by your own self.

High blood pressure affects almost millions of people. But the good thing is that this disease can be controlled by giving natural remedies or by the prescription of Doctors.

Hypertension which is also known as blood pressure can lead to other serious problems like kidney failure, strokes, brain-related problems and heart disease.

Always try to get a proper treatment on time. Most people worry about high blood pressure because it leads to heart risks but you should also know that low blood pressure can also make your health at risk.

Always Start Treatment at Early Stage

Sometimes people avoid the early symptoms of blood pressure and they start their treatment at very last stage which is terrible for their entire health. Blood pressure and Diabetes are two main sources of heart disease which can easily affect your heart and brain. Treat them at their very early stage because having high blood pressure is too dangerous. Medication plus homemade remedies are the best ways to treat your high blood pressure quickly.

Try to get yourself free from all the depressions and stress by doing your favorite things. It can be watching a movie, reading books or having a talk with your best friend.
Also, maintain your diet with more vegetables and fruits. And also try to do exercise on a daily basis, it will help to boost your immunity and make your blood flow easy.

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