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Pros And Cons Of Low Carb High protein Diet

Low Carbs High Protein Diet

Losing weight is never an easy task, in fact, some consider it a hard goal to reach especially if you feel hungry all the time. So using a low carb high protein diet provides numerous health benefits particularly for those who want to lose weight. Protein does trigger the fat burning …

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Trypophobia (Fear Of Holes) – How to get rid of it

Fear of Holes - Trypophobia

FUN-FACTS ABOUT TRYPOPHOBIA Trypophobia- another addition to a group of Phobias. See more at – PHOBIA AND ITS TYPES. In this condition, people are suffering from a type of fear of a “cluster of small holes”. Although, a research which was started in 2003 says that this phobia is actually a …

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Lipophobia – Fear of becoming Fat


“BASIC FACTS OF LIPOPHOBIA” Lipophobia is basically a feeling of becoming fat and people take it as a fear. Fear of fat or fear of food is highly concerned by most of the people nowadays. It is also known as Lipophobicity. At first, people want to eat healthy food no matter …

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AVIAN INFLUENZA – Bird Flu Facts And Signs

 BASIC FACTS OF AVIAN INFLUENZA YOU MIGHT DONT EVEN KNOW IT Avian Influenza is a kind of viral infection which is caused by birds, it is also called as Bird Flu. This kind of infection can infect the birds and be including humans too. Though, most of them are only limited to birds. …

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Post-ablative Hypothyroidism Facts

Post-ablative Hypothyroidism

POST-ABLATIVE STAGE When the thyroid glands inside the body start to falls down and not able to reach the active demands of the various tissues and organs. see more at  THYROID CAUSES AND TREATMENT. It can develop in the form of Hypothyroidism. Apparently, Hypothyroidism is a kind of disorder and sometimes …

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FEEDING DISORDER – Causes, Signs, and Treatment

FEEDING DISORDER IN TODDLERS Feeding disorder is basically a refusal to eat several foods by an infant as well as toddlers. This refusing habit causes the child to gone underweight. It may also cause to delay in mental development. The children’s who diagnosed with this type of disorder are at certain …

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MRSA | Basic Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment


MRSA stands for Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus also known as SUPERBUG. MRSA is a type of bacterial infection and can easily spread to any areas of the body including lungs, skin and many other parts. Though, it is further called as SUPERBUG because it is resistant to common other antibiotics. Some infections are …

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OSMOTHERAPY | Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

“Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy” A kidney repair therapy which was invented by China in 1960, and it can be treated in a kidney disease hospital of China named ” Shijiazhuang “. It has toxins removing treatment by which it helps to remove the waste products and toxic substances. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a …

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Sore Throat Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


CAUSES OF A SORE THROAT A sore throat is commonly produced by viral or bacterial germs, wound, or pain to the throat. A sore throat can become dangerous too if you do not take it seriously. It is like a sharp pain, dehydrated, or itchy feeling that cause dryness in a sore throat …

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Mental Health: Symptoms, Importance,Types and More


Mental health builds our emotional, cognitive, and friendly wellness. It modifies how we think, feel, and act. It also helps to figure out how to handle stress, mate with others, and make choices. Mental health is serious at every stage of life, from childhood and teens through adulthood. if you …

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